How it Works

Our elegant, fast and easy to use thermal cameras are a clear demonstration of your commitment to the safety of your employees and customers.

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We appreciate that this is all new for everyone. Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the whole process. We’ll listen, we’ll design you system that meets your needs, we’ll get your great price, install with no fuss, train you so that you are confident with the system and remotely monitor that your system is working perfectly. And if it is not, we’ll be right there to help; whatever the problem.



First we listen. Give us a call or better still email us. Tell us about your business and how we can help make it a safer place. Every business is different and we need to understand how you work and what your unique circumstances are. We’ll talk about the price too. There is always a solution or payment plan to suit everyone.

We take our time listening to everyone. It is important to us that we give good advice and offer the best solutions. Please bear with us if it takes time to get back to you. We are very busy but we promise we will get back to you.



Next we give you a quotation, we’d have discussed whether it is better to rent or to buy. We’d have talked about what system suits you best and agreed payment terms. We’d have considered training, support and any other on-going costs. We’ll be clear, straightforward and there will no hidden expenses. If the quotation works for your budget then we organise a site visit.

site visit

Site visit

A site visit is crucial. We need to understand where and how we going to install your system at your place of work. We’ll listen to you, find solutions, make little adjustment, give advice and then when we are all happy, we’ll write up a method statement and risk assessment. Make any adjustments to our quotation and then we sign the contract. It is very straightforward – just click on a link.



The first thing we do is set-up your system at our offices. And we test. And then we test again. We might have a few questions for you and they will be dealt with in advance of the installation. It saves a lot of time. And it means that we spend less time on your site.



Firstly, when we agree the day we’ll be installing your system, we’ll be there. No ifs, no buts. Next, our system is self-contained. We don’t need anything from you except power. First we install all the equipment – cleanly, quickly and with the minimum disruption. Then we’ll test the system and make sure it is working brilliantly. Once we are sure, that it is the perfect we’ll train you to use it.



Of course, we will show you how to operate our system so that you are super-confident. It won’t take long. The system is automatic. There is little for you to do. But more than that we’ll explain why and how the system works. This will give you belief in system and mean that you will always be able to solve any problems (if any occur) yourself. We’ll take our time and make sure that you are completely happy before we leave.



Once we have left, it is not the end of story. We’ll monitor your system remotely and check it is performing well. And if you have any questions about the system or, indeed anything, just give us a call. We’ll always be here to help. Of course, your system is covered by an onsite maintenance contract so if in the unlikely event the equipment fails then we’ll be there to sort it out. No questions asked. In short – we’ll always take responsibility if anything goes wrong.

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