Turnstile Temperature Camera

Our elegant, fast and easy to use thermal cameras are a clear demonstration of your commitment to the safety of your employees and customers.

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Turnstile Temperature Cameras


Our thermal camera turnstiles are our most advanced body temperature cameras. They are ideal for managing high volume traffic and large groups, quickly and efficiently. In less a second, our cameras will automatically scan the temperature of anyone entering your workplace.

Temperature Monitoring Access Control


Our turnstile systems have access control integration. Meaning, they can deny an individual access if a high temperature is recorded. As well as this, they can be integrated with mask detection, so access will only be given to a building when a mask is being worn.

Thermal Camera Solutions - Turnstile


  • Automatic & contactless scanning
  • Mask detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • Integration with access systems
  • Elevated temperature alerts on an app and email
  • Online portal for reporting

Our Thermal Monitoring Access Turnstiles can demonstrate your business’s commitment to the well-being and safety of your employees, visitors and customers. In addition, it can offer reassurance, which will come in handy when getting business back on track post-lockdown.


What will happen when a high temperature is recorded?


Our temperature monitoring access systems will immediately alert via a visual and audio notification. As well as this, an app/e-mail notification will be sent to the administrator. We also recommend integrating with one of our user-friendly, secure web portals. This portal will store records and reports on all the people entering your workplace. Making it convenient for track and trace. Watch the video to see how our systems deal with high temperatures.


As mentioned before, our turnstile access systems are ideal for handling large groups in one go. As a result of this, they will work well in shopping centres, corporate office and stadiums. Above all, our fever scanning systems will help protect your workplace against infection by limiting the risks of exposure.

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